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Maintaining your deck shoes
Paul Sperry is the man credited with the achievement of bringing thse into existence. He drew inspiration from his environment that had wet conditions. He therefore wanted to design shoes with rubber shoes that will maintain grip in very wet conditions. From his initial design, shoes have evolved with many models of this footwear coming up. These have emerged as a force to reckon with in the fashion world and the number of people donning them has been on the increase each day. These deck shoes were initially meant to be put on when one is going for a boat ride but they can nowadays be worn in many occasions thanks to their new and trendy models. They fit perfectly when worn on occasions with casual settings like a friend’s party, going shopping, going to the beach and many other occasions.
The first designs Sperry came up with were the Sperry Top-Siders which are still a very popular brand in the market. Canvas and leather were the major materials used to manufacture these  and the soles were mainly made from rubber. The use of leather was because the shoes were used mainly by sailors who went to long voyages in the sea. The sailors therefore needed boat shoes that could last long and stand harsh climatic conditions. For sailors therefore had to be comfortable because sailors used to wear them for long periods. They were also water resistant to prevent them from leaking see water inside as this water could damage the sailors feet.
Deck shoes should be maintained properly to ensure that they last long and serve the owner well. The fact that they are made from leather and rubber is not enough for them to last long. Experts say that even leather can be damaged by salt water and therefore they advice that owners should take good care of their deck shoes. They are best should be wiped with water and a damp cloth immediately after removing them. This clears the shoes of any dirt or mud that has stuck on them. After wiping, one should dry the shoes to remove the excess water on the leather. One should also apply suede cleaner on the uppers if they have a rough leather material. If the leather is smooth and dry, apply shoe polish. One should also clean the insides periodically to rid them of any dirt. Well maintained footwear will last a long time and also help the owner cut the cost of buying replacement deck shoes.
They are designed for men and women, young and aged alike and come in many different shapes and trends and they are available globally at a wide range of prices. The new models have combined the elegance of many colours with their sturdiness to create a style suited to the modern and fashionable woman. These shoes are known to appeal flashy when matched with the correct clothing and ornaments. Owning such will boost your fashion sense and help you attract attention.