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Boat shoes are also known as topsiders or deck shoe have become a craving for many people in the fashion world. There are however many reasons as to why different people choose this type of boat shoe. The amazing part is that not many people know the history of the boat shoe. The Boat shoe was not at any given moment intended for fun and fashion. It was meant to be worn while working on the quay by boating people only. This is evidenced by the material used to make the boat shoes. In most cases, the boat shoe is made of leather which is first treated with oil to make it waterproof. Considering the working condition and place of work, the boat shoes is made to withstand such challenges while lasting for a longer period of time compared to the common shoes worn out of the shore. The deck shoe uppers from time to time needs to be re-oiled if worn at sea as the salt starts to damage the leather, this is very easy task to do and can prolong the life and comfort of the boat shoe.

Deck Shoes have remained the same for decades

Apart from colour and material alterations, the deck shoe design has remained almost the same for decades. The linking elements you will notice in any of the boat shoes is a durable upper and a shock-absorbent, non-marking rubber sole. Since the inception of the idea and the construction of the first boat shoes, the manufactures have never slackened down the quality of materials used to produce these boat shoes. With such a hard life, the deck shoe is made from the very best materials possible to keep you going in all conditions. It is made of the best quality leather or a heavy canvas material. The main reason for using such materials is because they are the best in resisting water penetration and are easy to clean being fast to dry after washing or cleaning.

Deck Shoes are made for quality first

The manufactures have maintained the quality of soles used for the boat shoes. For many years now the material used for the sole has not been altered or replaced with another. Since inception of the idea, white rubber was used and is still used even today for the sole of the boat shoe. The main reason for keeping it white was to limit the chances of leaving shoe marks on the boat. rubber is a hard wearing material with excellent properties to stop you marking or skidding across the deck, the only different is that unlike earlier days, the soles are now made from synthetic rubber that imitates the original rubber. The realized advantage in using synthetic rubber is that it can come in different colours. This enables companies that are tasked in making boat shoes in varied colours for their clients.

The final point of consideration as far a she boat shoe is concerned is that the laces are made of leather keeping to the original design. The purpose of having a leather lace for the boat shoe has to do with durability as opposed to fashion though fashion is taken care of in the process. You will notice that the boat shoe construction has not changed a bit since the day it was discovered by Quayside Footwear. This in itself is proof that the shoe is durable and can withstand any challenging situation on land or sea. If it is your first time buying boat shoe, it is advisable to check the top material as well as the sole before making the final decision to purchase.

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