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Boat Shoes truly define the word “casual”. They are the most recognized types of footwear, since you see them in all seasons and fashion trends. Usually made of Portuguese leather, they can also be found in canvas material. Boat Shoes were initially designed to be used by people who sail or go on boat journeys. But with the passage of time, they have became more popular that nowadays they are an everyday household item. Everybody now loves Boat Shoes!

Non-slip soles of boat shoes

There is purpose, or perhaps purposes behind these pieces of art. The material of the Boat Shoes is water repellent, ensuring that no fluid enters the shoe. The sole of these shoes is made of such material that it provides exceptional grip not only on dry surface but also in wet areas. The rubber sole offers immense comfort, making them the top choice for travellers and hitch-hikers alike Unlike many other shoes, Boat Shoes never will go out of fashion. Ever since the first of these were made by Paul Sperry in 1935, we have seen many major brands manufacturing them such as Quayside Footwear and Beppi. However, there hasn’t been much change in the design of this footwear type. They still define the legacy that began over 75 years ago. It is this legacy that makes these Boat Shoes fresh and chic to this day.

At we have a wide range of Boat Shoes for Men and Women. While the range for men have a masculine and adventure loving feel to them, the range for women are much more sleek and sexy. The leather material used in the manufacture of these handmade shoes is of the very best quality, This makes the Boat Shoes get even better with time. The more you wear them, the better they fit, since the leather stretches and customizes according to your feet. They don’t remain mere shoes, but footwear that is perfectly fitted only on you.

The design of boat shoes

The design of the Boat Shoes is quite a brilliant one and you can find them in a wide array of colour schemes. People love matching the colours to their clothes, and even have more than just one pair of Boat Shoes, for various dress combinations. They go great with jeans, cotton and any casual dress code. Many students love wearing them to raves, since they are very comfortable and also great to look at. You are sure to create stares of envy if found with these in public. Boat Shoes can ease the stress of long travels and you can wear them for extended periods of time.

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